I’m currently enrolled in Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing course and one of my first assignments is to write a post about some basic strategies you can incorporate into your blogging strategy.  So here are three that I’ve learned from the first lesson:

1)      Create a poll: in addition to allowing your readers to leave comments on your posts you can include a poll for those readers who are looking to participate without having to leave a comment.  Using a tool like a poll encourages interaction without any sort of commitment.  Some people feel intimidated by commenting so use a poll to offer other ways for readers to interact.  Here’s a tool to create a poll: http://www.widgetbox.com/list/pro_widgets

2)      Cyber Ice-breakers: include pictures of the authors of the blog and make sure to include bios and other pertinent information as well.  This is a great way for the reader to be able to relate to your blog and become comfortable.  It’s a way for the reader to realize that the blog is personable.

3)      Blog roll: usually standard, including a blog roll converts your blog into a highly valuable resource center.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a blog roll is a list of sites that you link to from your blog and are included in a side bar to the left or right of your main content.  The list of sites are usually the blog author’s favourite or highly valued sites.

So there you have three easy things you can implement into your blog to make it more effective.  What are some of your ideas to make your blog better?



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