52 in 52- the concept of consistency

On February 1, 2011, in Blogging, by Zaid Rasid

I want to talk to you about the concept of consistency.  While working with many of my clients as a consultant it’s usually easy to get them excited about starting a blog.  Many of them clearly understand the benefits of creating a blog such as thought leadership, search engine improvement and brand awareness.  Many of them get super excited to get started and I usually share their passion.  But then something unexpected happens.

Before I explain, let’s give some thought to what the requirements are when starting a blog. Let’s ask some preliminary quesitons.

  • Do you need to determine the correct blog platform and technology first?
  • Do you have to figure out what the domain will be or its availability?
  • Perhaps you need to figure out who the authors of the blog will be?

While all of the above are valid considerations, a critical but obvious component that many people neglect prior to launching a blog is developing content.  Do you actually know what you’re going to write about?  Are you planning on creating content on the fly?  Because if you’re considering writing spontaneously, you’re in for a surprise.

So getting back to consistency.  Towards the initial stages of creating a blog, there is a lot of momentum, passion, questions asked, battles won and eager authors.  It’s usually great to see.  And in the first couple of weeks, blog posts are created on a daily or weekly basis.  Soon, multiple authors contribute and the blog begins gaining some popularity.  But then something goes awry: neglect kicks in.  Authors become busy.  Priorities change.  It’s only inevitable.  And as a result, the blog suffers.  Your readers, who were so excited to hear about your new ideas or your company’s new product, visit your blog and see stale content.  What’s worse, someone visits your blog a year later and doesn’t find an update since who knows when.

So is there an alternative?

Consistency is really key to blogging.  Your blog benefits in huge ways.  If you blogged everyday for a year you would potentially add 365 website pages to your domain that the search engines can index.  If blogging everyday doesn’t seem feasible consider blogging once a week.  That’s 52 blog posts in a year.  52 is a lot better than the initial 10 or 12 posts you created near the beginning of your launch without a plan.

But how do you remain consistent?  A really good way to get your content sorted out is by brainstorm blog post topics in advance.  Have a session where you plan out at least 3 months of ideas.  Create an editorial calendar that you can reference.  It doesn’t have to be written in stone.  That way you’ll never have to worry about coming up with new ideas on the fly. Then, committ yourself to be consistent in one way or another, either daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly.

It’s a simple technique to ensure that your blog is successful and continues for a long time.


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