Dollar Shave Club Serves up a Clean Shave

On March 7, 2012, in Social Media, by Zaid Rasid

Every now and then a campaign will hit the internet and spread like wild fire. We can think of the term viral and wonder what it takes to create a piece of content that can spread so easily. A guy by the name of Michael Dubin out of California managed to figure out, intentionally or not, the perfect way to capture a huge demographic’s attention. And his campaign has me excited. Take a look at his promo video before I talk to you about all of the amazing things he did right:

1) First and foremost,, the business model is ridiculously brilliant.  Just the other day, I was in the bathroom cursing my expensive disposable blades for being so expensive.  With a price point of $1/month I was even skeptical that it could be done.  You can say I still might be.  But if it works and is legit, this company will do well. One of those, ‘I wish I would have thought of that’ moments.

2) If you look at the ad above, you will notice how funny it is.  The timing is beautiful and Michael’s attitude is both fun and witty.  It makes it easy for the viewer to connect.  Turns out the video production cost was around $4500 and done in-house!

3) I’m not sure what their exact social media strategy was but I can tell that they got the video out to bloggers, media and online types.  I first saw it on Twitter from a guy named @JasonKeith.  From there it just spread, again, like wild fire.

4) Amidst their servers being flooded with traffic, I’m sure their subscriptions will still be high.  The ad and service resonated well with me and made me visit the site again, now that it’s up.   It turns out they don’t ship to Canada as of yet but when they do, I will sign up.   Their site looks amazing too and my only suggestion is to post up an FAQ page, letting me know about international orders.  That will probably save their sales representative, loads of time.

I really do love seeing a campaign launched this way.  It goes to show that anyone with an amazing idea and some know-how, can use social media and online to be ‘virally’ successful.


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