Hi, I’m Zaid, a Design Consultant on a Blockchain team in Toronto.

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As an SAP Design Consultant on a Blockchain team, I work with the world’s largest enterprises to improve business processes, increase security and improve collaboration. I facilitate design thinking workshops with clients who are making Blockchain a reality. My work includes developing prototypes for a bottling solution with Coca-Cola. I was pivotal in the design of a sustainability demo for Unilever. Finally, I’m helping Vodafone improve their processes by leveraging Blockchain.


I have a broad range of skills that include facilitating design thinking workshops that lead organizations in identifying processes for innovation. I also have hands on experience with User Interface Design. I’m trained in User Experience Design (UX) and regularly implement the phases involved including: user research, journey mapping, persona development, wire-framing, prototyping and testing. Some of the tools I used include Sketch, Balsamiq, SAP Build, and more.

About Me

Throughout my career I have been involved in design, marketing and innovation. I take a design thinking approach to solving business problems, which means I start with the end user in mind. You could say that I’m usually at the forefront of new technologies and I have a passion for opportunity.

I’ve worked with some of Toronto’s leading tech companies including Achievers, where I was an original employee. I found my way to SAP, where I now work with the world’s largest enterprises by helping them realize practical Blockchain solutions.

I’m passionate about continuous improvement and when I’m not working, I’m training on the mats at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (currently a blue belt working on a purple).


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